Spoil Me

Gifts are never expected, but always very appreciated for the time we spend together. I find that the best gift is often a tip left after a wonderful time together.

My favorite flowers are tulips and peonies. I always enjoy a nice glass of Pinot Noir, a bottle of your favorite Scotch, or a sweeter champagne from unopened bottles. My absolute favorite gifts are the nerdy ones, and the ones that come from the heart, preferably with a handwritten card.

If you’d like to gift me books (always a favorite of mine!) you can check what I’ve been enjoying lately on my Goodreads account. You can also check out my WishTender and my Amazon wishlist, where I keep an updated list of things I desire.

Other ways to earn my favor:
Clothing gift vouchers for Studio Pia, Fleur du Mal, or ba&sh.
Travel gift cards to Hotels.com.