Rates & Availability

Are you ready to spend some time together? The possibilities are endless. 

I am always available in my home cities of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Louisville, and surrounding areas. Please note that same day appointments are not available. Due to my busy schedule as a full-time student, I require at least one week’s notice in most cases. Exceptions may be made for repeat clientele.

Other available cities:
Dayton, Lafayette, Terre Haute – 2 hour minimum
Columbus OH, Fort Wayne, Lexington, Evansville – 4 hour minimum
Chicago – 5 hour minimum
Cleveland, Nashville, St. Louis, Detroit – 6 hour minimum

I’m also available for Fly Me To You bookings anywhere in the United States, and outside the US for established clients. Simply cover my travel expenses and book at least five hours. Contact me for a quote to your specific location.

Midwest Rates
1 to 1.5 hours: $1,000
2 hours (preferred minimum for new clients): $1,200 
3 hours: $1,600
4 hours: $2,000
6 hours: $2,600

In-date extensions: $600/hr

If we’re going to be together longer than three hours, some form of sustenance is required. For dinner dates, I recommend booking four hours. For dinner and a show, I recommend six hours.

Extended packages
Overnight (12-16 hrs, dinner to breakfast): $4,000
Full day (24 hours): $6,000
Weekend getaway (Friday to Sunday): $10,000
Longer getaways: Inquire

I need at least eight hours of uninterrupted sleep on all overnight dates, as well as coffee first thing in the morning in order to be at my very best, non-grumpy self.

Please note that I do not offer overnights to brand new suitors; we need to have met and enjoyed time together at least once before. The only exception to this rule is if you’re booking a duo with me and a friend of mine.

Touring Rates
(applies to NYC, Washington DC, Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco)
1.5 hours: $1,000
2 hours: $1,400
3 hours: $1,800
6 hours: $3,000
Overnight: $5,000

For details of upcoming tours, please see my Twitter.

Deposit and Cancellation Policy:
For all new clients, I require a 25% deposit to secure our time together. This is fully refundable should I need to cancel for any reason, and can be paid a variety of discreet ways. Should you need to cancel, the deposit can be applied to a future booking within six months, minus any location expense I have already incurred.

Please understand that when you book time with me, I block off that time just for you. I am a low volume provider and rarely see more than one client in a day. For this reason, cancellations within 48 hours of a booking will incur a 50% fee. This fee can be applied to a rescheduled booking within six months. If you are feeling ill, please reschedule!