Ever wondered what it would be like to spend time with more than one lovely lady? Look no further! Kate, Fancy, and I are all Indianapolis locals and good friends. We even play a weekly D&D campaign together! You can book any two of us for a duo, or all three of us for the trio of your dreams. We’d love to show you all the best things to do around the city. Afterward, we can play board games, snuggle up, and enjoy one another’s company more privately.

Kate Hart (Website, Twitter)
Fancy Rae Baker (Website, Twitter)

Please allot at least two hours of time for duos and trios. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

Rate Match Policy: When booking a duo with myself and another lady, please use the higher rate of the two of us for both of us. This ensures a feeling of fairness among all of us.

I am happy to do duos with other companions, as well! Please reach out and tell me who you have in mind to join us, and we can work things out from there.