Do you have an incall available?
At this time, I do not have a standing incall available. If you book me for an incall appointment, I will host us out of an upscale hotel near your preferred location. I require a minimum 1.5 hour booking in order to host an incall.

Where will you go for outcall appointments?
I can meet you at your upscale hotel or private residence for outcall appointments. When meeting at your home, it must be clean and in a safe location. No other humans should be present in the residence during our time together, but I would love to meet any friendly pets that you have. I myself have a dog, three cats, and a large flock of backyard chickens, and I am always delighted to meet other people’s furry or scaly friends. 🙂

What are your available hours?
I am typically available for appointments starting anytime between 9 am and 10 pm. I prefer not to start dates later than that, as I need my beauty sleep to be at my very best.

Are you currently accepting new clients?
I am! To get started on scheduling time with me, please fill out my booking form. The fields marked as required are, in fact, required, so please don’t ignore them or give false information. It will only cause me to deny your booking request.

What kinds of clients do you accept?
I see clients of all races, ethnicities, gender and gender identities, ages, and experience levels. My only requirement is that all suitors be at least 21 years of age, for my own comfort.

I have never seen a provider before, is that okay?

I am more than happy to be your introduction to the world of paid companionship. If you have questions not answered on this page, please contact me. You can leave the references portion of the form blank, just be aware I may require additional information such as a photo of your ID.

Do you offer duos?
Yes, yes, yes! I love duos (and trios, and more) with fellow providers. Please contact me for a list of potential duo options, or let me know who you had in mind to join us. I always prefer doing duos with providers I have already met and have chemistry with. If you want to see me with someone I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet, I may ask for additional time to get to know them first.

Please keep in mind my rate match policy. In the event that you are doing a duo and we have differing rates, you should always use the higher of the two rates for both of us. This ensures a feeling of fairness and that we are both getting compensated the same amount for the same time.

Do you see couples?
I greatly enjoy spending time with couples! For this reason, there is no additional fee. Please keep in mind, though, that I will need to screen and speak with both of you prior to our time together. I want to ensure that we are all equally enthusiastic about our date.

What do you do with my screening information?
My assistant runs your information against relevant databases, and then sends me the information she finds in a nice little spreadsheet. If it has been more than a year since I saw you last, you will likely need to screen again so that I can make sure nothing has changed significantly since we last saw one another.

Please rest assured that neither myself nor my assistant will ever contact your employer (or anyone else in your life) for any reason. The information is simply used to verify you as an upstanding citizen who I feel safe spending time alone with.

How long does screening typically take?
Screening is generally completed in less than 24 hours. On rare occasions, however, more information may be required and it may take longer.

Do you provide references to other providers?
I am happy to serve as a reference up to three times if I have seen you in the past year. If it has been more than one year since we last saw one another, or if you have already used me as a reference three times, I kindly ask that you use more recent providers you have seen for your references.

I am also happy to provide you with an “Okay” on Preferred411 if we have met and enjoyed our time together.

Can I take you out to dinner?
I am always happy to have dinner together (or brunch, depending on the time of day) as part of our time. Dates longer than three hours require some form of sustenance to keep me at my best. I usually prefer we go out to eat; however, if discretion necessitates that we stay in, I have no problem with room service or food delivery.

What are your dietary restrictions? / What is your favorite type of food?
I have no food allergies, but I do eat a mostly vegetarian diet. Have no fear, my Midwestern carnivores: I occasionally make an exception for seafood, so if you are craving a fine steakhouse or seafood restaurant, rest assured that I should be able to find something to suit my palate there. I enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, including New American, French, Italian, Indian, Japanese, and Mediterranean, and I greatly enjoy trying new things.

Do you have or allow reviews?
After much deliberation, I have recently decided to begin allowing reviews only on PrivateDelights. You can find the link to those on my Testimonials page. If you choose to leave a review there of our time together, please remember to keep it discreet and non-explicit. I reserve the right to refuse to see anyone who writes an explicit review of our time together, or who leaves a review on an unapproved website.

You can also still find numerous reviews under my previous name from my time in Nevada’s ranches right here.

You may also email me with any testimonials for use here on my website.

Do you offer [insert service here]?
Suggestive inquiries are always ignored. I offer an authentic experience, nothing more and nothing less. I prefer our time together to be organic, not a checklist. Please be polite and respectful in all of our communications, and I will do the same.

How should I arrive to our appointment?
Please arrive freshly showered (or excuse yourself to shower shortly upon arrival), with sparkling teeth and wearing deodorant. Good hygiene is imperative to enjoying one another’s company.

What should I do with the infamous envelope?
Upon arrival, please place the unsealed envelope or card on the counter immediately. This will help us avoid any awkward discussion about it and keep our time flowing naturally. If we have never met before, I will likely also ask to glance at your ID upon arrival.

Do you offer electronic payment methods?
I am always expanding my electronic payment options, and have several available currently. Once you have passed screening, we can discuss those options.

How do you accept deposits?
I have several discreet deposit options available, including cash-based options for those who wish to avoid electronic trails.

Do you drink with clients?
I always enjoy a nice cocktail, Scotch, or glass of red wine, but I will never become intoxicated during our time together. When bringing alcohol to our meeting, please bring only unopened bottles.

Are you 4/20 friendly?
I do not smoke or do any kind of illegal substance with clients. Please refrain from bringing anything with you that could get either of us into trouble. (Clients in legal states with a medical marijuana prescription are the only exception to this rule; I won’t penalize you if you have a legitimate medical need to smoke and we are in a jurisdiction where that is allowed.)

Do you smoke cigarettes?
No, and I would prefer if you refrain from doing so during our time together as well. If you must have one, please brush your teeth afterward.

Is it okay if I am running early or late to our appointment?
I ask that you not arrive more than five minutes early to our appointment, and avoid waiting in your car in the parking lot – it draws unnecessary attention. Being five minutes late is not a problem, but if you are going to be significantly late please keep me updated. I may need to reschedule the appointment if you are running too late and I have other obligations that day. My 50% cancellation fee will apply to appointments that have to be cancelled or rescheduled due to severe lateness.

Are you a “clock watcher”?
I will never rush our appointment or ask you to leave early, but please be mindful of my time as well. I set an alarm to gently remind us five minutes or so before our scheduled appointment ends. If you wish to spend more time together beyond that, please be prepared with additional compensation for the extended time. Whether or not I can extend an appointment in session will depend on my schedule, this may not always be possible.