I adore receiving well written, thoughtful reminisces of our time together, and I pride myself on having all authentic reviews. If you have spent time with me and would like to write a testimonial, please email it to me at ivyfleur@protonmail.ch.

I also formerly worked at Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada under the name Ruby Rose. You can find my reviews from my time there right here.

“If I had to limit myself to one comment about Ivy, it’s this: You will NEVER regret your time spent with this amazing woman.
Fortunately, I’m not limited to one comment. Whether you are chatting at the bar sipping drinks, walking the city hand in hand taking in the sights, or curled up together in front of a fireplace discussing video games and books, Ivy has an innate ability to set you at ease and make you feel like you are the most important person in her world. She is passionate, patient, and genuine. You owe it to yourself to meet her.” 

“My time with Ivy is something that I will always remember and how wonderful it was to meet someone truly special. It’s true that time flies when you are having fun and it was an amazing fun time. Thank you for being you, Ivy.”

“What does one say when a dream comes true? I had ‘met’ Ivy on social media (Twitter, website reviews etc, Curious Cat) What shone through in all interactions was what an honest, intelligent and beautiful young woman she is. How excited I was to learn she would be available to visit in my town. When I at last met her, I discovered that the real person is even better than advertised. Ivy is so beautiful so warm so AUTHENTIC. The hours we spent are among the most memorable I have enjoyed. Thank you Ivy: you are a gift.”

“I’ve been fortunate to meet a lot of truly wonderful people in my life, and Ivy Fleur ranks among the top. Alluring – caring – determined – delightful. All these words describe this lady. Ivy is genuine and honest, and she treats her clients respectfully, without judgment. A visit with Ivy will leave you breathless, amazed, and captivated. My experiences with Ivy have been nothing short of incredible, and I always look forward to future visits with her. Oh, and by the way, Ivy Fleur is gorgeous.”