COVID-19 Response and Policies

In the interest of health and safety, I have temporarily revised many of my policies to help ensure all of our continued good health throughout this crisis.

First and foremost: As long as the coronavirus threat and lockdown policies remain in place, I am implementing a two hour minimum booking policy and postponing all tours and Fly Me To You bookings.

Additionally, I am only taking one booking per week with a minimum of 7 days between bookings. On average, most people infected with the virus begin to show symptoms within 5 days, so this policy aims to give both of us ample time to assess our own health before meeting.

I will give preference to existing clients, especially those who have been working from home and social distancing themselves. I myself have been practicing social distancing for well over six weeks now, including wearing an N95 mask when I need to go to the grocery store or similar places. I live out in the country and have had very little contact with anyone outside of my immediate household.

I am happy to do outcalls, and can also arrange for an incall for us. Contact me for more details.

If you are feeling ill before our scheduled appointment, PLEASE let me know. While my cancellation policies remain in effect, I will be more than happy to add extra time to our rescheduled booking once you are feeling better.

I am also offering pre-payment incentives for clients wishing to book dates after the lockdowns have lifted and the pandemic threat has lessened.
• Prepay in full for 1 hour, get 15 minutes of extra time
• For 1.5-3 hours, get 30 minutes
• For 4-6 hours, get an hour extra
• Prepay for an overnight, get a full 24 hours

Other than that, my usual rates, deposit policies, and screening policies remain in effect.

Stay safe, friends!